Sports Festival 2019

Sports Festival 2019

Association of Mandhata Samaj UK (AMSUK) Youth Forum have great pleasure in hosting and inviting you to the AMSUK Sports Festival 2019, to be held at University of Wolverhampton Walsall Campus during the weekend of Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th August 2019.

Group A Group B Group C
Badminton¹ Carrom¹ 100m Sprint¹
Chess¹ Kho-Kho⁴ 4 x 100m Relay¹
6-a-side Male Football Table Tennis¹ 1500m Cross Country¹
Female Netball 6-a-side Female Football² Tog of War²
Over 50s Indoor Cricket Volleyball² Dodgeball³


Juniors will be classed as being from the age of 12 up to 16 years old.

Seniors will be classed as being 17 years of age and over.

Over 50s will be classed as being 50 years of age on 10th August 2019 or over.

¹Juniors aged 8+ may be permitted to play in these sports (with extra parental consent form

completed, see Page 56)

²Senior sporting event only

³Junior sporting event only

⁴Mixed Junior and Senior single sex team event

A single person can ONLY participate in 3 events over the weekend; 1 sport from each group; A, B and C.

Sports Festival 2019 Final Pack